Table for Three

A young man uncovers a mysterious life blueprint and discovers he has been living a life not designed for him. 

Writer & Director: Joseph Chung
Executive Producer: Tony Lau
Producers: Joseph Chung, Austin Im, Sarah Kim
Cinematographer: Andrew Lee
Script Supervisor: Jacob Lim
Director's Statement

"Table for Three" tells a story of about failure and missteps in life. But there is hope that there is another route to find your true calling. Our creative team is to set to focus on imaginative storytelling as this isn't just a film that's preoccupied with twists or visual tricks. Each of our crew members has a personal connection to the story. It's a deep and comprehensive rumination on storytelling that allows us to turn an eye on the medium of cinema itself, and the affords us the opportunity to internalize experiences we've never lived through ourselves.


Joseph Chung